SCIENCE IN ACTION – Three Month Science Festival


KSSP and it’s digital platform LUCA ( are organising a three month science festival starting from August 20 the death anniversary of Dr.Narendra Dhabolkkar upto November 14th the Birth day of Jawaharlal Nehru.

This three months will witness a series of activities which hopes to create in society a new enthusiasm to rediscover the method of science and also to rethink about scientific temper in the advancement of a country. The activities are closely linked to the science of climate change and it’s impact on human life. It will also try to expose pseudo science and will also ask for better share of resources in scientific research..

We request you to join this ambitious campaign by writing short articles, book reviews, puzzles or any other suitable activity and send link to LUCA so that it can be published by LUCA. The campaign starts on August 20 with science writing. So please start writing short pieces on science and post with hashtag #ScienceInAction, #JoinScienceChain

Science as Method
Science as knowledge
Science as outlook

Sincerely waiting for your confirmation
President KSSP
General Secretary KSSP
Editor LUCA

Following are the activities planned as part of the festival.

1.Join Science Chain

Write about science almost everyday in any media platform including social media like facebook. The writings on science will be done by people from all spheres of life apart from scientists, popular science writers etc.


Anybody can ask questions to LUCA on any aspect of scientific enquiry.(

3. Let’s do science

This includes projects for school and college students which can be submitted to Luca and awards will be given to the best projects

4. Science puzzles and their solution

5. Earth, the infinite book

Activities on nature watch


6. Science for survival

The science of climate change and identification of local problems that are linked to climate change


7. Expose Pseudo science

Identifying pseudo science in media

8. Listen to science

Podcast series on science

9.Science books

The science of climate change and identification of local problems that are linked to climate change

10. Science in action for Covid 19

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